Why Hire An Immigration Lawyer to File K-1 Visa Petition

It can be daunting if you start thinking about all those things you need for submitting a k1 petition. You need to include many documents such as passport pages, I-129F forms, tax transcripts, photos, and evidence of your relationship. This can make you feel like you can easily fix all things by your own, but it is not that easy. You will have to consult an immigration lawyer for k1 visa in Chicago. This is not only because time is a concern and you have money. Also, there are no such rules that USCIS won’t accept the documents filled by you but not by the attorney. Still, it is necessary to appoint an attorney for a K-1 visa in Chicago. 

The problem is that you are completely inexperienced in this case. You need to know the entire process and you also need to know how to deal with all the relevant hassles. All these are not an amateurish deal, and that is why you had better leave it over to the professional immigration lawyer in Chicago. 

Is there a better Chance for approval with An Immigration Lawyer?

It really doesn’t matter for USCIS whether you submit the 1-129F petition on your own or you hire an attorney. If you have the required documents, evidence, and you have filed all the documents properly, your petition will get approved. But the question is – Can you do all these things on your own? Do you have the required knowledge and experience? Do you know the process? And do you know what the required documents are?   

Here, exactly lies the significance of appointing an immigration lawyer. He/she can help you throughout the entire process so you don’t have to bother about anything. They can help you learn the documents you need to collect, they can help you with filing the documents and they can guide you throughout every single step of the process.  

immigration lawyer for k1 visa

You might have seen many people completing the 1-129F petition themselves and getting their petition approved for a K-1 visa. This is not impossible. But, you know what? Can you deal with the loads of paper works? You are going to find that overwhelming. You need to be accurate and you need to be organized with all these things. That is going to be a daunting experience for you if an immigration lawyer is not there by your side.

Doing it on your own can be an elongated and highly time-consuming process. Sometimes it can take months to figure out everything, to gather and filing all the documents. At this point, if you talk to an immigration lawyer, they can make the process a compact, organized, and hassle free experience for you.  

K1 Denied? – Appoint an immigration lawyer for appeal

Have you tried applying for a K-1 visa application and was that denied? If yes, then it is the best idea to appoint a lawyer. Remember, appeals can be really complicated, and this process has strict deadlines. 

Get in touch with the professional immigration lawyer  

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