Nowadays, people no more get stuck in the days of phone books. To get a minute details about any company and its services, they not only ask for recommendations from their familiar ones but do their own research as well.
For example, they start by searching over the internet like Google SERPs or asking the Alexa device for a quick Google search. And, being a small business person, nothing can be a better option than this to make yourself available to your customers with ease.
So, are you interested to know how Google My Business can help you to expand your business? If yes, carry on reading today’s post!

What is Google My Business?

It is a free online tool from Google that helps business entrepreneurs to control their online existence. Here, you can create your business listing in this database, including all the vital information regarding your business and products. Hence, it will be easy for your target audience to make the right decision. Searching with a business name or specific keywords, the buyers will get the results.


7 easy steps to set up a Google My Business listing

If it’s your first time setting up a business listing on Google, you may not have an understanding of how to do it. Follow the steps in the passages below to do so. Such as:
#Step 1
Log in to your professional Google account used for business. If you haven’t done yet, create a new account then. All you need to do is a Gmail address for a new startup.
#Step 2
Now, it’s time to click on the URL-, and getting into the page, go to “Start Now.” you will get the option just right at the top of the page.
#Step 3
After starting the process of creating a new Google Business account, add your business name with the proper address. And, go to the next option.
#Step 4
Now, you will find a box there written, “I deliver goods and services to my customers.” If you do so, click on it. On the flip, if you want to keep your business address hidden, select the option, “Hide my address (it’s not a store) Only show region.” then, it will show the service area of your business.
#Step 5
Then, try to select the most accurate option from the business category so that Google can help you to find the right customers as you seek.
#Step 6
Now, it’s time to enter your business website with your current phone number. Make sure to provide the same name and address accurately that Google calls a NAP. Hence, if you will do so, Google GMB and SERPs can easily find you.
#Step 7
Then, verify the account to be considered as a genuine business.

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