Having been in the photo booth rental industry for over the years, the professionals have gained a few insights into the business. They know what not do when renting a Photo Booth and what to do. In this article, you can learn a few things you should look for when you rent a photo booth in Denver. It is a versatile option that you can hire for your wedding, party, corporate event, quinceanera, etc. As per the vendor you choose, their experience, knowledge, etc. they may or may not consider asking you these crucial factors. If you do some simple things before, it will improve your photo booth rental experience.

Assure that the electrical outlet is closed

The vendor will have to set up the booth in a place where you want. However, in that case, if there is no electrical outlet nearby, that will be a problem. It can be an issue since electricity is necessary for photo booth lighting, printer, etc.  The only solution is to tape an extension cord across the floor. However, since people can trip on it, and it is unsightly, you always want to avoid taping an electric wire.

Your vendor needs to bring proper tape such as wide gaffer tape to deal with this problem.  Duct tape is the worst option for use in this case. Also, it leaves a sticky, nasty residue. Nothing can be as risky as loose cord running across a traffic area. You won’t ever want it at your event.

Do you want your photo booth outdoors?

Many issues can arise with the establishment of an outdoor rental photo booth. Wind, weather, sun, etc., will impact the stall.  At this point, it will be a mistake if you set up a stall without considering all these factors. The experienced photo booth rental companies always advocate that you have a backup plan for setting up a stall indoors. You can use that in case the weather is not in your favor.  

If the weather is windy, set up the photo booth within a covered area so it can deal with the wind. It is crucial since the photo booth is likely to have a backdrop. And that backdrop can act like a sail that will catch the wind.

The hours for which you want to book your booth

You need to confirm the timing you want for the photo booth rental. A typical wedding ceremony books a three to four-hour Photo Booth. However, not all weddings are the same. Here the mistake will be to book a booth too early or when you and your guests will be busy. The expert’s recommendation is to book a long time or start later. Also, keep the booth close during the cocktail hour. 

Photobooth rental company to contact

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