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Check out some collections quickly, although the size and price will depend on the brand and quantity. However, the description of the following furniture will help you to buy new furniture.

Banquet Office Chair – This chair is suitable for multi-purpose spaces such as meeting rooms, weddings, and catered events. This banquet chair separates into 2 types: 1.0 Thickness Epoxy Leg Banquet Chair, 1.2 Thickness Epoxy Leg Banquet Chair (For Slightly Heavy Duty), and Chrome Leg Banquet Chair.

Director Table – It is a desk or table, mainly for ceo or managerial level staff. It is known as executive director desk, or director working desk. A standard size of our director desk is 6 Feet while the biggest size is 8 Feet.
Office Leather Chair – Most office leather chairs are made by cow leather.
Mesh Office Chair – Mesh Chair is made by mesh (For Chair Back) + fabric (For the Seating).

Office Workstation – It is a combination of office partition and table to create personal working space. It helps to avoid overcrowding and it Available in 3 different sizes: 4 Feet, 5 Feet and 6 Feet.

Office Cabinet – Office cabinets come into 3 categories such as Drawer/Pedestal, Chipboard Cabinet, and Steel Cabinets. These cabinet levels can fit Arc files except for the side cabinet and all come with Lock except for pigeon holes and open shelf cabinets. Conference Table – This table is made mainly for discussion purposes. It is also known as a meeting table. All table top thickness is 25 mm while for table leg is 16 mm (Expect for metal leg office desk).

Hope you enjoyed the above items, however read the paragraph below for details.

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