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Office furniture is very important for decorating the office. Here are three things you need to consider if you want to install new furniture in your office (Malaysia) as an entrepreneur. This article is for those who are searching online by typing ‘Office Furniture in Malaysia’. The main purpose of this article is to highlight the three special aspects that you should pay special attention to before buying any furniture.

No 1. How to Determine the Furniture Quality?

The main step in determining the quality of furniture is to read the product description. However, here is a short list of summary of each furniture component and the indicator of quality.

E.g: – Rectangular Shape Office desk – sizes (4, 5, 6 feet) – Color Option: Boras Ash and Walnut- 25 MM Melamine Table Top- 16 MM Melamine Sides Panel.

E.g.:- Conference table – Top thickness is 25 mm while for table leg is 16 mm – sizes (6, 7, 8, 9,10,11,12 feet).

E.g.:- Office Fabric Chair – Fabric Color: Black, Red, Blue, Orange, Green (Lime) and Mix (Orange + Black) – High Back Executive Chair (W 610 X D 550 X H 1160 -1260)- Low Back Executive Chair (W 610 X D 550 X H 945 – 1015)- High Density Foam Seating + Single Locking Chair Machines Synchronized- Come with Polypropylene Foot Base + 50 MM Nylon Dual-Wheel Castor.

Here is a brief description of the product description on some of the furniture. But if you visit a link and follow the product description page, you can find out more.

No 2. How The Office Furniture Warranty?

In Malaysia, the warranty period provided by the local office furniture manufacturer is one year. Office furniture warranty only covers the furniture accessories part. For example, if you buy an office leather chair, you will get a warranty on the chair parts but not the cushions.

No 3. Check the Delivery and Installation Service

A reputed Office Furniture supplier delivers items within 7 working days except for office workstation. Some suppliers offer free delivery service to areas within Klang Valley with a minimum purchase of RM 1000. However, as a buyer you should choose a store that offers safe payment options and delivers furniture on time.

Get In Touch With a Reliable Office Furniture Supplier

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