No need to further mention that granite is one of the most popular materials that people prefer choosing for their countertop. Along with its durability, it is available in a wide and versatile range of colours and styles. And that makes it easy for you to pair your granite with any type of appliances and cabinet. Here are tips from the reliable granite suppliers so you can easily choose a suitable option for your home.

1. Don’t forget to match the granite with the cabinets

You can pair granite with your cabinets in two basic ways. First of all, match the colour or pair the marbling and veining. When you choose the first way to match granite to your counters, pick a granite that comes in the same colour as your cabinets. Also, make sure the granite comes with the darker veining. For example, you can pair your white cabinets with White Spring granite with grey, brown and black veins. That will be simply a gorgeous combination.

On the other hand, if you want granite with a contrasting colour, instead pick a stone with veins of colour that match your cabinetry. Just like that the White Spring granite will pair wonderfully with the espresso cabinets. Here is a list that may help you look at and choose from some popular pairings of cabinetry and granite countertop. Check out some of those ideas from granite suppliers:

·              Grey, beige, and white granite for neutral medium-brown maple cabinets.

·              Black Pearl granite for light to medium oak cabinets.

·              Green granite for dark brown cabinets.

·              Granite options such as Ubatuba, Verde Peacock, and white granite for cherry cabinets.

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2. Light or dark granite – You need to choose one

When it comes to picking one from light and dark granite, you need to keep certain things in mind. Generally, the light-coloured granite is the best option for the small kitchens since it adds a spacious feel. If your kitchen lacks enough natural light, choosing light-coloured granite can make the kitchen feel way larger.

Black and grey granite always add a dramatic look and that is the best option for the contemporary kitchens that have white or light-coloured cabinetry. On the other hand, if you don’t want to bother about anything, choose beige and brown granite since these are the most adaptable colours. And these go well with nearly any kitchen. 

3. Choose granite with a unique pattern

Along with the colour, choosing a pattern for your granite is important too. Granite basically comes in three patterns: solid, marbled and speckled. Solid granite with very little variation in its pattern is good for small kitchen since it helps in making space look less cramped. Marbled granite comes with smooth texture and colour. On the other hand, speckled granite is an option with more variation in texture and colour. 

Well, these tips are just to name a few. When you consult a granite supplier they will guide you in a more detailed way.

Find your reliable granite supplier

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