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If eyes are the windows of mind, lashes are the curtains. And, it’s not a secret that beautiful curtains make the windows looking stunning. Eyelash extension can meet your needs here. Well, if you don’t get enough time to visit a salon, you can try it at home with these professional eyelash extension supplies. Before buying them online, let’s get acquainted with them.

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What eyelash extension supplies are necessary?

Have a look at the following products mentioned below to know a few details about lash extension products. Such as follows:

Gentle bubble foam cleanser

Try to keep your eyelashes clean and fresh. Plain water is not enough always. You can apply gentle bubble foam cleanser for eyelash extensions, aftercare, and even for maintaining regular hygiene. It reduces eyelash and skin irritation and cleans up the residue of makeup perfectly. You can also use it to remove dirt and oil from lash growing lines.

foam cleanser

Eyelash extension pads

The eyelash extension pads contain a shallow curve and a strong adhesion. The product comes with a soft and lint-free surface. Hence, you need not worry about the tangling of your tweezers in the fibres. Eyelash extension pads comprise of aqua, glycerin, polyacrylate and sodium carbomer.

eyelash extension pads

Curved gold finish eyelash extension tweezers

Are you looking for gold finish tweezers? This accessory can meet your needs. It contains high-quality stainless steel and sharp points. Curved gold finish eyelash extension tweezers are suitable for classic lash extension. It helps in separating natural lashes for volume eyelash extension. Apart from this, you can use this accessory from both side whatever you choose.


Expert eyelash extension glue

Professional glue is essential if you want to have a lash extension at home. Make sure to buy a fast-drying and long-lasting eyelash glue. This product takes a second to dry. The bonding time lasts up to six weeks. Use the product in high humidity condition that should be between 30% to 65%. You can store it in the refrigerator at the lowest humidity.

Eyelash extension glue

Lash/brows scissors

These mini scissors are made of high-quality steel that makes it rustproof and durable. This accessory is suitable for eyebrow trimming and cutting small details. It is light-weighted that makes it portable and easy to work.


Imperial eyelashes

The word ‘Imperial’ always indicates the quality of this product. These lashes are made of the finest quality materials that meet all the standard and needs of the user. Its soft and light material will make you feel comfortable with a stunning look. You can create an innovate style using volume technique with 0.10 mm thickness lashes. C and D curls are available in this product.

Imperial eyelashes

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